Monday, August 14, 2006

Has Israeli Apartheid policies come back to haunt Israel on the battlefield?

"They are the best guerrilla force in the world."

I'm reading this article on how battlefield resilience and unusual combination of zeal and disciplined military science has provided Hezbollah's the staying power on the battlefield.

The Washington Post article reports the conclusions of a Lebanese specialist who has sifted through intelligence on Hezbollah for more than two decades and strongly opposes the militant Shiite Muslim movement. The specialist says the fighters' Islamic faith and intense indoctrination reduced their fear of death, giving them an advantage in close-quarters combat and in braving air strikes to move munitions from post to post.

As I read the article, I wondered if their reduced fear of death had anything to do with Israeli Apartheid policies against the Palestinians, the building of Berlin type walls, or the continued, unrelenting dropping of (American tax payer) bombs on Lebanon's civilian population. As I read comments by Brig. Gen. Ido Nehushtan, a member of the Israeli army's general staff, when he said, "If you are waiting for a white flag coming out of the Hezbollah bunker, I can assure you it won't come," said in a briefing for reporters in the northern Israeli village of Gosherim. "They are extremists, they will go all the way."

I wondered, has Israeli Apartheid policies come back to haunt Israel on the battlefield.