Friday, August 11, 2006

Police Brutality in Chicago Then and Now

African-American Political Pundit says:

I Just finshed reading two articles about Chicago and wondered if there is any connection between a recent shooting of a 14 year old by police in Chiacgo and another article.

The first article is about a young 14 year old boy and a group 0f 150 residents who marched from Chicago's infamous Cabrinit Green housing to attempt to meet with the mayor. The Chicago Tribune reports that this march was protesting police brutality and was a successful show of unity, organizers said.

Tribune reports that on Thursday after about 150 people rallied at City Hall, though they did not learn more details about the shooting of a 14-year-old boy by police. The group marched one-and-a-half miles from Cabrini-Green to the mayor's office. Since Ellis Woodland was shot Monday near the housing complex, several community members have wanted to know what witnesses told officers--particularly if the boy was surrendering his own weapon when he was shot.

The victims
7th grade teacher, Monique Redeaux, 23, said she was drawn to the march because she believed officials were attacking the character of a soft-spoken pupil who made good grades.
This is a case in which the teen was shot after officers were flagged down by a juvenile near Cabrini-Green at about 5 p.m. Monday, saying two teens had tried to rob him. When officers confronted Woodland, the boy refused orders to stop, instead pulling a gun from his pocket, police said. An officer shot him.

Police later discovered the weapon was a BB gun, which looks similar to a 9 mm.Woodland was shot in the abdomen and thigh, along with a graze wound. His uncle said the boy has a colostomy bag after a Wednesday surgery at Children's Memorial Hospital.

Was this incident police brutality or just stupdity on the part of the 14 year old boy?

Now lets go back 20-30 years, and jump forward again, same city, same neighborhoods, same poverty, same police department, same black communities, more black politicans, same Mayor (ok it's a family thing).

Different Newpaper articles and different reports on a history of police brutality against Chicago blacks. You get the picture. Here's the headlines, Special prosecutors said today that scores of criminal suspects were routinely tortured by police officers on the South Side in the 1970’s and 1980’s, but that extensive legal research convinced them that there was no way to skirt the statute of limitations preventing prosecution.

My question is are these stories of yesterday and today somehow connected? I guess everything has changed and nothing has changed - Same Brutality. What ever happened to U.S. Justice? Oh yeah, We are fighting wars all around the world. ooops... We don't have time to think about injustice in America.

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