Friday, August 04, 2006

Joe on the ropes - may be next Defense Secretary

I just read this post from the Liberal Journal which reports Joe Lieberman now agrees Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld should resign. The report is also covered in RAWSTORY.

Maybe Joe Lieberman should have resigned when he was running for president. That way he would have been part of the Bush administration after the loss. He was never a team player with Al Gore anyway. If by chance he lost the election, expect Joe Lieberman to be nominated as a replacement to Rumsfeld, then Israel will truly have total control of our military.

Black Voters should ask Sen. Lieberman, "what have you done for us lately".

Well, well, Iraq war supporter, Senator Lieberman and his challenger Mr. Lamont are now courting African-American voters throughout the state of CT. Both have attended black churches on recent Sundays.

Although Senator Lieberman has received strong support from African-American voters in the past he may not get the same level of support with black voters this time. This is due to his support for Bush's war in Iraq and other policies which negatively impacted on black communities in CT and across the U.S.

Black voters will no doubt ask Sen. Lieberman, "What have you done for us lately." Whoever African-American do vote for, they (African-American's) should hold him accountable in keeping with the principles of the Covenant with Black America.

Iraq war veteran who lost an arm and leg mugged in Maryland

This post is about *crime. It's about a disgusting crime in Maryland involving Mark Beyers, 27, an Iraq war veteran who lost an arm and leg in a roadside bombing was mugged during a night out from the Walter Reed Army Medical Center in the District, where he is undergoing rehabilitation. You see mike myers was roughed up and robbed by five men as they left a Bethesda, Md., restaurant July 22. It was the couple's first night away from the hospital in three weeks.

African-American Political Pundit says: This is the type of senseless crime that pissing me the hell off. I can only hope that Bush will invite this couple to the White House to express our nation's apology. The Maryland Governor should do the same.

Slideshow: Pictures Of Marine Amputee & Wife

To read more about the incident visit: or Marine Double Amputee Mugged In Bethesda


There is more. It appears the metro (Maryland, DC, and Northern Virginia area are not upo to the job of protecting our gulf veterans. Check out what happened in Virginia as reported in the Washington Post.

Shooting Victim Had Served in Iraq - Police Probe Pentagon Row Slaying As Family Mourns 'Likable Guy'

Washington Post - An Arlington man who was shot to death outside the Pentagon Row shopping center early Friday was an Army veteran who participated in the 2003 invasion of Iraq, family members said yesterday. Spec. Paul Matthew Zeller, 24, joined the Army two weeks before the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks. A mortarman with the 82nd Airborne Division, he was honorably discharged in September 2004.

* There are other crimes, including the crime of sending this young man to iraq. but that's another post.

Amos Williams is a man with a purpose and mission.

Amos Williams is a man with a purpose and mission. Who is Amos Williams? That's a good question. You see, Amos williams is a long distance traveler, who the Detriot Free Press reports has logged 23,000 miles on his new Buick Lucerne in five months while traveling across Michigan. Amos Williams is a highly respected and dedicated public servant seeking to unseat Michigan Attorney General Mike Cox.

Amos Williams is a lawyer and former Detroit police officer and a decorated Vietnam Vet.

When he was asked why he decided to make his first-ever run for political office, he says, "after watching Republicans in Washington and Lansing diminish civil rights and civil liberties".

I like this guy already!

If he's to face the Republican incumbent in November, Amos Williams first must win the Democratic nomination at next month's state party convention in Detroit. His Democratic opponent is former Kent County District Judge M. Scott Bowen.

This election and the Massachusetts governor's race may be the ones to watch!

I will be watching both campaigns.

Iraqi Mayor: Send me to Abu Ghraib - "just for the summer"

I just read an interesting article about our soldiers and a small town in Iraq lying 35 miles upriver from Anbar's capital of Ramadi. The article, yes, in The Washington Post talks about a town called Hit. You see, hit is an ancient city known for its tar deposits and relatively educated population. But, as the Post reports, more than two years of warfare have dragged the town of 40,000 people back to the pre-industrial age.

The article goes on to say that all phone systems in Hit have been destroyed. The war has shut down industry, so at least 50 percent of the people are jobless and a quarter live in poverty. The town's bank holds no money. Fuel is scarce, and most of what is available is sold by insurgents at black-market prices, according to U.S. and Iraqi officials. The police disbanded more than a year ago and Hit still has no officers on the job, although a new force is in training.

Conditions in the city are so bad that Hit's mayor recently asked the U.S. military to send him to Abu Ghraib prison -- "just for the summer," he told one U.S. officer, who spoke on condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the topic. "You have air conditioning, three meals a day, soccer balls. Abu Ghraib is a nice place," the mayor said, according to the U.S. officer.

As I read the article, I thought about the Bush administration and democrats, yes democrats who support the war. Democrats like Senator Joseph Lieberman who have kissed up to Bush and have not joined in the call to bring our men and women home. I thought about a U.S. officer who, in the article put the situation in Iraq more bluntly: "Nobody wants us here, so why are we here? That's the big question," said Maj. Brent E. Lilly. Lilly leads a Marine civil affairs team that has disbursed many thousands of dollars for damage claims and projects in Hit, but is still mortared almost daily. "If we leave, all the attacks would stop, because we'd be gone."

Why are we still in Iraq?