Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Token for the day: I Was invited boss!


OK, so the "club of white bloggers" invited a (token for the day) black, who was not able to attend because he was in Hawaii.

Update: No other black bloggers in America available.

Thank you for the being an apologist for White Folk Mr. "I was invited to go".

Check out what Mr. (Token for the day) Oliver Willis has to say:

Dept. Of Shooting Yourself In The Foot

Apparently people are concerned/upset/miffed that none of the bloggers at this lunch with President Clinton are black. For the record, I was invited to go, but of course the one time I could have met the best president of the last 25 years I previously scheduled a vacation to Hawaii.

For the record, I am black.

That is all.

UPDATE: That's not all. This is the sort of stupid thing that is a direct result of the pathology that loses Democrats elections. If President Clinton wanted to have lunch with 25 white males, who cares? Seriously. You're going to eviscreate the only President we've had in recent years that didn't just brush off black people because of who he may or may not have invited to lunch. Not to mention the folks yammering out their rear ends about stuff they don't know?

It's things like this that almost make me want the Democrats to lose because the left is so stupid. It's like the kid who sticks his finger in the electrical socket and then does it again because he has learned diddly.

UPDATE 2: Man, there's really been an outbreak of the stupids on this (I mean, Jesus, what the hell is a "blackosphere" and how can I take it out behind the barn and kill it?). The thing with the so-called netroots is that we're supposed to be past the tired racial politics of the past. I remember watching the DNC meetings in which Howard Dean was nominated and felt appalled at the idea that the Dems still organize themselves into these moronic racial and sexual orientation subgroups. It is just tired and old and old and tired. I don't vote and support the Democratic party because its fighting for the blacks, the asians, the hispanics, the whites or whatever. I support Democrats because they fight for true equality. I could not care less about what sort of racial checklists a candidate ticks off - and in the case of 2008 I would rather they not check any at all. What is more important: that a candidate fills out a questionaire from the NAACP or that he or she is a tireless defender of the constitution? Stop this nonsense now, or you'll keep losing.


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