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Looney Coons. (The Coonies)

You may have noticed some changes in the fields. Yep, it was getting a little gloomy around here. I mean, just because the world is going to hell in a hand basket, doesn't mean the fields can't at least try to look optimistic. Anyway, thanks to the boys at Blogger, the field updated his site a bit. It's also nice to be able to show some love to some fellow bloggers, and news organizations who the field has enjoyed reading from time to time. So now that we have that out of the way, I would like to recognize some individuals.

As you might or might not know, I previously handed out some awards to some individuals in the field of entertainment for their expertise in the art of cooning. People, who in fact, probably became American icons because of their cooning capabilities. People like Nipsey Russell, J.J. Walker, Al. Roker, Snoop,....and, well, you get the point. In that post, I also tried to explain the history of cooning and the harm that I think it has done to the plight and the perception of black people in this country. I am probably one of the few people in America who agreed with Adolph Caesar's character, Sgt. Walters, in the movie A Soldiers Story. Because even though he was hard on new recruit C.J. for his constant singing and shuffling, I agreed with him, because I dislike "shiftless lazy niggers" too.

But what I have noticed lately is a new form of cooning. It is an even more dangerous, and destructive form of cooning. Because it is cooning cloaked in intellectualism. This form of cooning hides itself behind legitimacy. And so called conscious thoughts, reasoning, and educated points of views are mixed in with it. The old cooning that Snoop, Nipsey, Martin, and the Wayans brothers do is not as dangerous, because we see it for what it is; entertainment. So although the imagery is not good, statements taking a particular position on important social issues of our day aren't being made, and books aren't being published, and there is no pontification about critical social issues on the nightly cable broadcasts from the Snoops of the world.

But make no mistake, the more dangerous coons are out doing these things. They are on blogs, writing books, on the news, and on talk shows every night. These "Looney Coons" as I like to call them [Sorry Warner Brothers & Walt Disney] are dangerous, and should be watched. Because many of the things needed to advance the cause of the poor and disenfranchised will be taken away because of these people. Why you say? I will tell you why. The people at the think tanks, and the politicians whose job it is to effect social and public policy, listen to these people. And the people who hold the purse strings to many of the private foundations and organizations listen to these people. And when these Loony Coons are making statements about black people needing to pull themselves up, and that we should start praying more, and we should do away with affirmative action, and we should let the free market control prices and.....blah, blah, blah, it effects us all in a negative way. You know the old joke: "If you want to hide something from a nigger put it in a book" Well, unfortunately, some of these Looney Coons found some books, and I will be damn if they didn't just lose their freaking minds in the process.

So without further delay, the top ten Looney Coons in America: (Not necessarily in their proper order.. well, except for Clarence Thomas)

1. Clarence Thomas-Yeah, like I would have anyone else here. (Read prior posts)
2. Thomas Sowell-An economist and so called intellectual who is the darling of the conservative movement. Unfortunately, the phrase compassionate conservative is an oxymoron to him.

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