Friday, September 08, 2006

Maryland may elect the country's first openly gay black state lawmakers

Source: Pams House Blend

The Gay & Lesbian Victory Fund has endorsed two black candidates for Maryland House of Delegates, Anthony McCarthy and Mary Washington. If either is elected, this will be a milestone, as both are openly gay. It will also toss a wrench into the intellectually bankrupt black homobigot machine, which paints homosexuality as a white man's perversion -- McCarthy, running in District 44 (Baltimore) is also a pastor, btw. (Wash Blade): "We stand at a very unique opportunity in this country, where civil rights are at the forefront of state legislatures," [McCarthy] said. "It goes to figure that Mary Washington, and I would seize this moment as an opportunity to be a part of that debate."

Washington, a business professional running in District 43 (Baltimore), said being known as the nation's first openly gay black legislator would help her succeed in Annapolis. "I have a unique and interesting opportunity to build some bridges," she said. "I really look forward to being able to build new alliances."

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