Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Jesse Jr. for Mayor of Chicago?

It looks like polotics is going to be shaken up just a bit in Chicago. You see Jesse Jackson Jr . may run for Mayor of the windy city. While he complimented Mayor Richard Daley, a fellow Democrat, for doing an "extraordinary" job in some ways, Jackson said: "What I'm hearing from the people is that it's time for a change." Jackson will conduct a citywide "listening tour," according to Vincent Fry, a Jackson aide who declined to provide details of the tour or names of those who will serve on the committee.

Skeptical Brotha has been following this story and this is what he is saying:

Jesse Jackson, Jr. has announced an exploratory candidacy today for Mayor of the City of Chicago. It is the ultimate job. His potential candidacy is the most serious black candidacy since 1989 when Mayor Richard M. Daley recaptured the Mayor’s office from Interim Mayor Eugene Sawyer. Already in the race is Cook County Clerk of Court Dorothy Brown. Mrs. Brown, also Black has potential but in the end probably won’t stay in this race. This effort by Jackson is exciting and recaptures for me the magic of his daddy’s 84 and 88 runs for President.

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