Friday, September 01, 2006

Hot Congressional Race In Maryland

African American Political Pundit says: A local congressional race in Maryland is getting hot.

Rep. Albert R. Wynn who has represented Maryland's 4th Congressional District since 1993, has never faced a serious challenger- until this year. His challenger Donna Edwards, has been agressively campaigning and has a big endorsement. The Washington Post.

In an article endorsing Ms. Donna Edwards the post writes, Mr. Wynn has often seemed more involved in playing the role of a kingmaker in Prince George's than in his duties in Congress. On key federal issues, he has cast himself as the most bipartisan member of Maryland's congressional delegation. That's great in theory, but too often his votes have been at odds with good government and the interests of his constituents. He has backed the estate tax repeal, a measure that benefits the richest Americans at the expense of the poor and middle class. He supported the Bush administration's energy bill in 2003, offering subsidies to oil and gas companies even as they were headed toward record profits. He has flip-flopped on fuel efficiency standards and opposed campaign finance reform. And he has tried to clear the way for casino gambling in Prince George's. All in all, it is a lackluster record.

This pundit agrees with the Post. But this report about Wynn and other members of the Congressional Black Caucus is nothing new. The Black Commentator has been reporting on lackluster records of CBC members for years.


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