Saturday, September 02, 2006

Don't suicide bomb!

Action! Poof!African American Political Pundit says: Here is an interesting post from a British Blogger about suicide bombers and A TV commercial being created to dissuade suicide bombers from blowing themselves and others up. Maybe if the brits and Americans got out of Iraq they would at least not blow up Brits and Americans. Hat Tip coxsoft


Source: coxsoft: We Brits are used to thinking our politicians live on another planet, but Yankies must feel that theirs live in a completely different galaxy. Take this still from a crass TV commercial designed to dissuade Muslim Fundamentalist loonies in Iraq from blowing themselves up. Yes, they're giving this campaign the full Hollywood treatment with exploding cars and flying stuntmen. It's part of a 1 minute "public service announcement" shot in LA with the farcical message "Don't suicide bomb"! This sort of nonsense will be counterproductive in two ways: 1) it will glamorize suicide bombing and 2) it will increase public fear in Iraq. The last thing it will do is stop a Muslim fanatic from joining that merry band of idiots who intend to blow themselves up. The only way to dissuade fanatical young men from joining the ranks of suicide bombers is to make them realize that they will be the butt of jokes if they succeed. I'm certain that earnest young men of any faith are far more afraid of being held up to public ridicule than they are of death.


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