Thursday, August 24, 2006

Virginia's Senator Apologizes for "offending" campaign worker

The Washington Post reports that Virginia Sen. George Allen (R) a known racist in African-American circles, has apologized directly to S.R. Sidarth yesterday, telling the 20-year-old Democratic campaign staffer that he was sorry for offending him with remarks that have generated nationwide criticism for being racially insensitive. The only support this Red Neck Senator is getting these days is from George Bush, (Surprise, Surprise!) Newsbusters, Michelle Malkin and her loyal HotAir crowd. of neo conservatives. More >>>

Allen's telephone call to Sidarth was the first direct contact between the two since Allen (R) was caught by Sidarth's video camera calling him a "macaca" and welcoming the Fairfax native to "America and the real world of Virginia."


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