Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Reader Rant: yes i am a proud american– Pundit; your anti-semitism is showing–

August 1st, 2006

Reader Rant - Goldman: yes i am a proud american–prouder than you must be with al sharpton and jesse jackson on your side–your anti-semitism is showing–

African-American Political Pundit responds

  1. African-American Political Pundit says: Why is it anti-Semitism when people tell the truth? Is it because you can’t handle the truth, so you hide behind something in order to feel protected? Stop using the “anti-Semitism card” every time someone says something about our country. I’m probably more of an American than you could ever dream to be. My ancestors, like most African-American families, probably placed more honest work, blood, sweat and tears, into this American earth than you could ever understand or admit too.
  2. So, Mr. “Goldman” you need to stop the “anti-Semitism card” garbage. That anti-Semitism card may have value in your circles. It comes up as an "in-valid card" here.

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