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Lynne d Johnson's "favorite of the moment blogs"

Lynne d Johnson is the Senior Editor of where she oversees both editorial and community functionality. She's also a regular contributor to Popgadget and was most recently the General Manager, New Media for VIBE and SPIN.

Lynne is also editor-at-large for Mosaic Literary Magazine, and has written for VIBE, VIBE Vixen, and PAPER. She has written for other media outlets including SPIN, Popmatters, The Source, New York Press, URB, and XLR8R.

A blogger since 2001, Lynne maintains and publishes another website called that was inspired by a column she wrote for Popmatters. She is a highly respected blogger who was recently nominated for the 2006 Black Weblog Awards. I thank Ms. Johnson for including African American as one of her favorite of the moment blogs.


My Favorite Blogs
The blogosphere has expanded vastly since I first started blogging back in 2001. In order to manage an extensive list of blogs, I toggle between Bloglines and Google Reader.

For most of the bloggers I met early on and their extended network, I maintain a blogroll on the links section of my site labeled blogfam. My blogher blogroll is located there also. These two blogrolls contain the blogs that are most of my first reads of each day. But now with an even larger pool to choose from, I've begun to cast my net a little wider.

Since I have a proclivity for music (especially hip-hop), pop culture, African-American issues, women's issues, gadgets, innovation, and Web 2.0 - I subscribe to a variety of blogs' feeds. These are my top 10 of the moment.

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1Afr.-Am. [Black] Opinion

08.05.2006 New Blogger Platform
ENTER HERE We have moved to a new Blogger Platform our new address is: This blog holds posts from May, June and July 2006 Our archive is to the right >>>> ENTER HERE

08.05.2006 African-American Opinion - Migrating to BlogSpot Platform
Ok folks, We are in the process in migrating over from our current blog platform to blogspot. Over the past few months our traffic has increased 100 fold and we want to bring new resources, feeds, videos, and other content to our blog. The migration should take a few days and should be completed by 8.7.06 [...]

08.05.2006 Black Population in the United States
Looking for U.S. government data about African-Americans? Here is the information you may have been looking for. Source:

08.03.2006 African American Political Pundit
Visit the new home of African American Political Pundit. We have completed the migration of African-American Political Pundit to its new blogger platform. With change comes opportunity. African-American Political Pundit has decided to take the opportunity to change the way his blog is structured. The blog will become more of a daily journal regarding my [...]

08.01.2006 ‘Don’t Date Him Girl’
Source: When is a website liable for posting nasty stuff about other people? Take a look at Don’t Date Him Girl, a website that allows women to post trashy stuff about men they think have cheated on them, as a warning to other women. (You can search their site here to see [...]

08.18.2006 In Stock Trades (
FYI - I just found this site that sells tradepaper comics collections at a considerable discount. 35% below Amazon. Here's the link to by the first trade paperback collection of Testament for $6.49 instead of 9.99. Meanwhile, I'm finally working down the email cue - it had gotten up to 4100 emails in the "to do" folder. So if you've emailed me in the past few weeks and haven't heard anything, you should by the end of today. As for the good news, I'm finally emerging from 'overwhelmed' and movin...

08.17.2006 Reviews!
I haven't had time to post, lately. I'm being swamped by the kinds of life challenges that most bloggers use their space to write about. Read any of them and assume I'm somewhere in the same boat. The new Testament collection is doing really well, though, and getting some great reviews. Here's two of my favorites so far, one from Silver Bullet" and both an Interview and Review at Undress Me Robot.From Silverbullet:"This is a brilliant mind writing a comic book that will cause you to question you...

07.28.2006 Testament Collection is Out!
The first five issues of Testament are now available in a collected edition. This is the right way to read this comic book. No ads, no month-long wait for the next 22 pages, and a nice explanatory introduction. This is the whole Akedah and then some, told as you probably never heard it before.Get it in your favorite comics shop, or at a really nice discount from right here, or Barnes and Noble right here. (Republicans should by from Republican-supporting Amazon, and Democrats should ...
4Fast Company Now

08.18.2006 What is Dell's Deal?
With all that is going on with Dell it is surprising the company would announce a plan to offer PCs with AMD processors. With earnings down from a year ago and uncertainty about an SEC probe into the company’s accounting...

08.18.2006 In Today's Papers
What's worth reading: Art with a Message: "Buy This House" Boeing to End Its Service for Using Internet Aloft Boeing to Shutter Connexion as Web Service Fails to Catch on The FBI's Upgrade That Wasn't Hard Knocks, Age Transform a...

08.18.2006 You Are What You Search
I recently learned some very bad things about myself. Namely, that I’m a hoarding omnivore—online, that is. One of the byproducts of AOL releasing the 36 million searches of 658,000 people is that the sorts of people who analyze these...

08.18.2006 An Amusement Park... for the Mind?
While I haven't been to either of the two WonderWorks, particularly the one recently opened in Pigeon Forge, I'm intrigued by the attraction's combination of theme park-like entertainment and science and technology education. Increasingly, museums are being redesigned to tell...

08.17.2006 YouTube's Music Video Vision
News broke yesterday that YouTube is in talks with major record labels with the express goal of offering every music video ever created for free. They want to get this done in a mere 18 months. A poet once said,...

08.15.2006 Trust Nobody x Methamphibian Air Max
Trust Nobody will be collaborating with Methamphibian again. They will use the Nike’s Air Max as base shoes and customize it with crack cement pattern and camo pattern. Slated to drop in November. Image/Info: Trust Nobody

08.15.2006 Technical Difficulties
We have been having some technical difficulties lately, please bare with us. Sorry for the inconvience.

08.15.2006 Stussy x Rogue Status Tee
Check it out! Rogue Status has collaborated with Stussy for this really cool tee. The tee looks very similar to the World Tour tees but however with different cities written on it. Perhaps this is the first clue for another series of World Tour tees that will be collaborated with different labels rather than artists? Image: Slam X Hype

08.15.2006 Sneaker Pimps Chicago
The world famous sneaker tour and party, Sneaker Pimps, will be hitting Chicago this Friday, August 18th! With performances by Lupe Fiasco and live art installations by C2 and Holyzapatos, you definitely can’t miss out on this once a year event. Click HERE for the full flyer!

08.15.2006 Nike Dunk Low & High Brown Pack
Here are some upcoming samples from the sneaker giant, Nike. This pack called the Brown Pack includes two models, the Dunk high and low. According to b53, they’re made from soft premium leather. Nice material in a simple colorway makes a perfect sneaker for those who likes to keep it simple. Image: b52 @
6New Media Musings

08.17.2006 Young Dro's Shoulder Lean At No. 10
The top 5 in the Hot 100 singles chart are the same as last week, with Fergie's London Bridge in its second week at no. 1 on both the Hot 100 and the Hot Digital Songs charts. Young Dro's Shoulder...

08.17.2006 Black Weblog Awards Voting Begun, ProHipHop Offers Prizes
If you're interested in voting for a variety of cool blogs that have been nominated by readers for the Black Weblog Awards, you have until August 31st. Winners will be announced on September 3rd....

08.17.2006 Rick Ross's Port of Miami Debuts at No. 1
Rick Ross's debut album Port of Miami topped the Billboard 200 album chart this week fueled, in part, by the popularity of the single Hustlin', though the album seems to be doing better than the...

08.16.2006 Publicist's Websites: The Room Service Group
I just checked out Lucy Beer's Room Service Group website and I have to say I dig the homepage more than most I've seen of late. It may be a bit outdated, because the one link on the page goes...

08.16.2006 Prep-Unit Pimps Smirnoff Raw Iced Tea
I'm not really sure what to say about this viral video ad featuring Prep-Unit pimping Smirnoff Raw Tea, an alcoholic product, so I'll just provide some links to other folk's coverage beginning with...

08.19.2006 Large Gourd Speaker with Amplifier
Bet you don't have one of these. It's a speaker made from a real gourd -- you know, that vegtable-type thing. Bird-Electron Japan boasts that it utilizes the "natural resonance of the gourd" and makes a stylish addition to your house. Now, it is true that the gourd has been used for centuries as a musical instrument, so maybe they're on to something. Because they're making them from actual gourds, each speaker is different, so the one you order will not look the same as the one in the pho...

08.19.2006 Ho Fatso: high tech sumo wrestling
e What happens when you mix those sumo wrestling fat suits with arty digital media? The answer is Ho Fatso, a new interactive installation by artist Rania Ho. Made of rip-stop nylon, high powered leaf blowers, and motion detectors, Ho Fatso is comprised of inflatable fat suits corralled by an inflated wrestling ring. Participants gear up and get "fat," folds of air-pumped flesh jiggling whilst engaged in battle. As long as there is movement, the suits and ring stay puffed with air. However, wit...

08.19.2006 A handheld for all your av needs
The LG MFJM53 mp3 player not only can handle mp3s, but also can display mp4, jpgs, and text on its screen with a 128 x 160 display resolution. The battery is listed at being able to play for an impressive 30 hours of music. Perfect for passing the time, when you are the road.

08.18.2006 Search engine for recipes
Have you ever found yourself staring at a sufficiently filled refrigerator and still having no clue what you can cook with what’s in it? Ingredients are available, but you just can't come up with a final plan; next time you find yourself in this situation, try visiting either Recipe Matcher or SnacksBy. Both sites allow you to search for recipes by entering the ingredients you have available at the moment. It’s just that simple: insert pepper, cucumber and pasta in the search field and, voilà...

08.18.2006 Tom Bihn laptop keyboard covers
Laptop specialist Tom Bihn has come up with a solution to a problem that I thought would never be addressed. I have a small line of grubbiness across the screen of the laptop that I'm writing this article on. This happens because when the laptop is closed, the keys are pressed against the screen, causing the grease from my sweaty fingers to be transferred onto the display. The Tom Bihn keyboard cover is a piece of 'Ultrasuede' (synthetic suede with a made-up name), which is placed between the ...
9The Rap Up

08.18.2006 Friday Flix
Ciara backstage at "So You Think You Can Dance"50 Cent on "Fish Bowl" with Bill MaherRev Run & Ludacris at MTV's TRLGnarls Barkley concert in St. ElsewhereCommon Gap Ads

08.18.2006 Stephon Marbury and Steve Barry Present "Starbury"
Biz Markie, Rocsi, and others were in the house to support the new clothing line by Knicks guard Stephon Marbury. $14.98 for a pair of sneaks? $9.99 for a crisp tee? How real is that? (click to enlarge)

08.18.2006 Video: Ludacris ft. Pharrell - Money Maker
Luda was on a winning streak with "War with God" and "Tell it Like it Is," but he ruined it with this complacent single. Still, I'm hoping he'll make me proud and empty the vault on Release Therapy.

08.17.2006 Weekly Contest: OutKast's "Idlewild" Giveaway
I was gunning for a Rick Ross Port of Miami CD contest this week, but when the mighty 'O''s camp makes you an offer at the last minute, you take it. In conjunction with the good folks over at Special Ops Media, I've decided to reward five people with "Idlewild" CDs, T-shirts, and posters. All you have to do is answer three super easy questions: 1.) In the "Idlewild" movie, Antwan Patton plays the character named __________,while Andre Benjamin plays________2.) Name OutKast's firs...

08.16.2006 Cuban Linx 08-16-06: Caught Out There
Lil' Kim fresh off house arrest.-Rick Ross "hustles" his way to the top of Billboard. Now all he has to do is "Push It" to platinum.-Beyonce leads MOBO Awards nominations. How so? What has she done lately?-Is Kelis cheating on Nas?-MTV bans The Pack's "Vans" video. Received an email about this yesterday and couldn't help thinking WTF!! I mean, I just started digging the video.-"Give Houston a second chance" - Beyonce's dad.-YouTube plans to have every music video ever created within the next 18 ...

08.16.2006 Following Trends and Being the Trend
Great businessmen know how to follow the trends and strike when the iron is hot. However, great minds follow their own beliefs and trends seem to follow. You see it in the fashion world all the time, one person can wear their collar up and it seems to catch on all over the place. Is [...]

08.08.2006 Developing Traffic
Developing traffic is a fine art on the web. Sometimes we get lost in the fact that just because it is easy to build a website it does not mean that it will be easy for people to find it. When it comes to personal sites, maybe it is not your goal to have a [...]

08.07.2006 The People Web
Last week’s Women 2.0 seemed to strike a nerve with a lot of people and most of them were women. Glad to see the fellas jump onboard, but I digress. Two comments about 9rules and myself struck a nerve with me this weekend and it made me realize how much people still don’t get the [...]

08.03.2006 Women 2.0
Something interesting happened to me the other day. While I was browsing around the web reading all the great Web 2.0 sites out there, I realized that a majority of these applications cater to men. Not because of the purpose that they serve since they are “made” for all sexes, but being designed, programmed and [...]

08.01.2006 ScrivsTyme 2.0
Hot on the heels of the recent Wisdump redesign I figured I would take the design momentum over to ScrivsTyme (ST) and finally give it the much needed facelift that it has been crying for. The previous version, aka DooDooBrown, was just horrendous to look at both aesthetically and from a structural standpoint. It was [...]


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