Tuesday, August 08, 2006

A few examples of what some liberals pass off as "tolerance".

African American Political Pundit says: Here is a conservative black republicans point of view regarding the Joe Liberman "Black Face" story. From wakeupblackamerica.

The story about Joe Liberman being defamed in black face gave me an idea. Some liberals would say that it's just an isolated thing, and that it's being blown way out of proportion. This is nothing more then a weak attempt at denial. I've gathered several pictures of black conservatives doctored by "tolerant" liberals. This is to show that Lieberman wasn't the first and said to say he won't be the last.

This picture was done by the "tolerant" liberal blogger Steve Gilliard about Lt. Governor of Maryland Michael Steele. This picture is of Michael Steele as a "minstrel".

The next picture is a cartoon of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas depicted as a "Lawn Jockey". The cartoon was created by "The Black Commentator" blog.

Are you sickened yet, wait I have plenty more. The next picture is of Ward Connerly being held up by strings with a super imposed face to resemble a "puppet". This picture is from a black radical liberal group BAMN "By Any Means Necessary". I guess ignorance is one of those means.

This is what the "compassionate" liberal cartoonist Ted Rall thinks of Secretary of State Condi Rice in one of his cartoons.

I haven't even scratched the surface. These are just the visuals of liberal racism. I could go into the verbal racist remarks made to black conservatives like Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson, Roy Inus, Star Parker and yes myself lol. 007 James Bond has a license to kill, because he is a secret agent. Do liberals have a license to be vile, ignorant, intolerant, close minded racist, because they are indeed liberals?


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