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Darryl Hicks’ Grassroots Campaign

July 29th, 2006

African-American Political says: Darryl Hicks’ Grassroots Campaign for Georgia Secretary of State has not been getting a lot of national attention such as the Black Republican Senate Races in Maryland and Ohio but his election is just as important to the people of Georgia who deserve skilled leadership. His campaign is making in-roads across the state of Georgia (learn more) including a grass roots campaign that is based on the discussion of issues and not race. He has been aggressively pounding the pavement over the past 6 months, laying the critical foundation for his grassroots campaign strategy. Today, after returning home from his 5th tour of middle and south Georgia counties, Hicks is unveiling his impressive list of supporters. He continues to build personal relationships with an ethnically and politically diverse group of community and corporate leaders, as he has done throughout his campaign. Hicks says,“My grassroots beginnings have lead me to create my grassroots campaign – I believe the people have to know that they are electing someone who is just like them. “I believe we must give politics back to the people, and insist upon old-fashioned accountability.” Hicks, a former corporate executive, has more than twenty years of applicable experience and fully understands the administrative role and responsibilities of the Secretary of State’s office. He has spent the last 6-months reaching out to voters in 91 of the 159 counties in Georgia. With an “A” list of supporters signing on daily, his message of voter education and customer service resonates throughout the regions. “It is my goal to touch the people,” says Hicks. “I want them to know that I am here and available for them, and that is the type of service I will insist upon when I am Secretary of State.” Within the last few weeks, Hicks’ campaign has received key endorsements from Ambassador Andrew Young, the Macon Telegraph and the Thomasville Times Enterprise. Hicks said he is humbled by the groundswell of support he has received throughout his campaign. “I am very encouraged by the momentum we have gained in such a short period of time and with limited resources. We’re hoping that our efforts and messages will get the seal of approval from voters this Tuesday,” said Hicks. “I have faith in the voters of Georgia, that they will demonstrate complete confidence in me and my ability to deliver the services that they deserve.”

African-American Political Pundit says: I like Darryl Hicks because he is a true family man. I will be following this campaign on my blog.

Darryl Hicks and Family

UPDATE: Former UN Ambassador and Former Atlanta Mayor Andrew Young announced his official endorsement of Hicks as Georgia’s next Secretary of State. “I believe that Darryl is by far the best candidate for the job of Secretary of State,” said Young (learn more) Darryl Anthony Hicks was born in Atlanta, GA in 1963. He is the fourth of seven children born to Reverend Oscar and the late Mabel McCartha Hicks. In 1981, he attended Morris Brown College, where he earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting.

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