Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Cynthia McKinney loses Georgia primary to Hank Johnson who is no conservative

African-American Political Pundit says: Democrat Cynthia McKinney, lost her primary run-off race yesterday for a number of reasons including,

1. The incident, in which she poked a police officer who stopped her at a checkpoint after failing to recognize her
2.A successful national political effort to discredit her performance as Georgia's first African American congresswoman as McKinney has been a critic of the Bush administration and the war in Iraq.
3. An inability to galvanize supporters because of number 1 and 2.

This has been a basic ABC loss for McKinney. Even her campaign manager, John Evans, blamed the loss on the ABC -- Anybody But Cynthia -- strategy."It's over," he said. "Folks just beat us. They got a lot of white votes, a lot of Republican votes and they took some of our votes where we have been stable." McKinney may be out but Hank Johnson will represent his district well. His political stance appears to be the same as Mckinney regarding Bush administration policies towards African-Americans and the war in Iraq.

McKinney was defeated but Hank Johnson is no conservative and no Bush kiss-up

As reported in the nation DeKalb County Commissioner Hank Johnson -- in Tuesday's Georgia Democratic primary Johnson's objections to McKinney's reelection focused largely on personal controversies rather than her political stances. While McKinney was the more progressive contender in the Atlanta-area race, Johnson was no conservative. As reported in the nation Here's some of what Johnson said during the campaign regarding the foreign policy: "The War in Iraq is and always has been a mistake, and I have stood by this position since before Day One. The alleged weapons programs and stockpiles simply did not exist, and it is unacceptable that we are now engaged in such unnecessary and destructive conflict. The human toll is tragic, the economic burden enormous, the erosion of international respect for our country devastating. This war is a product of irresponsible and inept leadership..."

Here's what Johnson, an attorney, had to say about civil liberties: "It's true that priorities shift during war. I understand that counter-terrorism agencies need the ability to more robustly protect us during these times. But our government is carefully crafted to protect our civil liberties and privacy issues raised by President Bush's warrantless wiretapping program: "It's true that priorities shift during war. I understand that counter-terrorism agencies need the ability to more robustly protect us during these times. But our government is carefully crafted to protect our civil liberties and our privacy. This protection depends upon respect for the Constitutional checks and balances that keep each branch of government in line. Among these checks is the requirement that the executive branch obtain a warrant from the judiciary before challenging our privacy.

"It's a simple matter of the rule of law," added Johnson. "And no one is above the law, not the Pentagon, not the Attorney General, not the President.As a Member of Congress, I will oppose any attempts to undermine the liberties and rights that make ours a free and civil society. There is a sensible balance between vigilance and intrusion, between security and tyranny, and we can find it.

Johnson will face Republican Catherine Davis in the November 7 election. The district is heavily Democratic, so Johnson is the favorite in November over Republican challenger Catherine Davis.
African-American Political Pundit wishes Hank Johnson well as he moves forward into the November 7 election.
Read what Mckinney haters from the Republican right are saying.


At 8/09/2006 08:50:00 PM, Blogger RWA said...

Hank Johnson may win, and that will be fine. At least Cynthia McKinney's days in office are numbered.

This is the woman who had the nerve to say that members of the Bush administration profited from the 9/11 attacks through stocks and other interests. When her own party distanced themselves, she came back and said she had no proof of such things.

She attacks a Capitol police officer when she was not wearing the required pin; then, she escapes prosecution under the law that protects Congressmen from most crimes while they are in session.

Her staff member attacks a TV cameraman during the day yesterday. A staff member gets in a scuffle with the media when she finally showed up at her campaign headquarters last night - one hour after the final tallies were announced.

Her campaign slogan was proclaiming herself "Bush's worst nightmare." I guess the people of Georgia feared McKinney more than they fear Bush.

Goodbye, Cynthia. Soon, you can face charges like the rest of the world when you lose your temper and attack someone.


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