Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Bush Administration: No Thanks Jesse

I just read about Rev. Jesse Jackson attempts to negotiate the release of prisoners in the custody of Hezbollah and Israel. Mr. Jackson has been speaking to Israeli and Syrian ambassadors in Washington, D.C. All headline reports he said, "The cease-fire is a step in the right direction... Release of prisoners would reinforce the positive direction." Jackson spoke by phone to Israeli ambassador Daniel Ayalon, and asked his government to consider "some exchange of prisoners" as a goodwill gesture. He appealed for Israel to go ahead with the release if "there is movement on the two abducted Israelis." Afterwards, he called Syrian Ambassador Iyad Moustapha. Jackson says, "I asked him to make an appeal to his president, Bashar Assad, on a humanitarian basis to appeal to whoever is appropriate, maybe Hezbollah, to seek the whereabouts and grant the release of the two Israeli soldiers." He adds, "He was positive and said he would convey the message." Jackson says he was unable to get details about the health of the prisoners, but he did get the impression they are "all right." In the past, Jackson has successfully negotiated the release of Americans and others held hostage or prisoner in Syria, Cuba, Iraq and Yugoslavia.

African American Political Pundit says: It's unfortunate the Bush Administration is not interested in Rev. Jackson's services. White House Press Sec. Tony Snow indicates the United States has a diplomatic team responsible for these types of diplomatic negotiations. "As if" the Bush administration has created great respect within middle east countries. Maybe it is appropriate for Rev. Jackson to go to the middle east. It is one of the best things he does other than...running his mouth.


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