Friday, August 04, 2006

Amos Williams is a man with a purpose and mission.

Amos Williams is a man with a purpose and mission. Who is Amos Williams? That's a good question. You see, Amos williams is a long distance traveler, who the Detriot Free Press reports has logged 23,000 miles on his new Buick Lucerne in five months while traveling across Michigan. Amos Williams is a highly respected and dedicated public servant seeking to unseat Michigan Attorney General Mike Cox.

Amos Williams is a lawyer and former Detroit police officer and a decorated Vietnam Vet.

When he was asked why he decided to make his first-ever run for political office, he says, "after watching Republicans in Washington and Lansing diminish civil rights and civil liberties".

I like this guy already!

If he's to face the Republican incumbent in November, Amos Williams first must win the Democratic nomination at next month's state party convention in Detroit. His Democratic opponent is former Kent County District Judge M. Scott Bowen.

This election and the Massachusetts governor's race may be the ones to watch!

I will be watching both campaigns.


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