Sunday, August 13, 2006

African-American Democrats running for State-Wide office in record numbers

Hazel Trice Edney, NNPA Washington Correspondent reports there are 13 Black Democrats running in statewide races. In Georgia, Angela Moore is running for secretary of state and Mike Thrumund for commissioner of labor; in Iowa, Sal Mohammad for governor; in Illinois, Jesse White for secretary of state; in Massachusetts, Deval Patrick for governor; in Maryland, Arthur Brown and Stu Stims for lieutenant governor and Kweisi Mfume for senate; in Michigan, Mary Waters for secretary of state and Amos Williams for attorney general; in Mississippi, Erik Fleming for Senate; in New York, David Paterson for lieutenant governor; in Ohio, Ben Espy for supreme court and Barbara Sykes for auditor; In South Carolina, Cheryl Footman for secretary of state and in Tennessee, U. S. Rep. Harold Ford for the Senate.

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