Monday, July 31, 2006

Minorities make up 1/3 of American Population

Minorities make up 1/3 of American Population

May 16th, 2006

OK America, we have a changing face in America-this is fine, everything must change. But as I read the new Census Bureau statistics released by the Federal government yesterday, America must question how we will handle the continued influx of illegal aliens allowed into this country ever day.

Bush said last night that he will send 6,000 National Guard troops starting next month to help secure the U.S.-Mexican border, calling on a divided Congress and country to find “a rational middle ground.” I truly wonder why Mr. Bush continues to include providing millions of illegal workers with a new route to citizenship not afforded others.

Is Mr. Bush handling this issue or is he pandering to the far right while paying back hispanics who supported him?

Heres the facts:

One in every three U.S. residents is now classified as belonging to a racial or ethnic minority, according to the Census Bureau.
the fact of the matters is the increase is due to the explosive growth of the nation’s Hispanic population.

Hispanics accounted for nearly half of the nation’s total population increase during the year ending July 1, 2005, the report said.

Growing faster than any other segment of the population, Hispanics make up the largest minority with 42.7 million members. Blacks are the second-largest minority group, with 39.7 million, followed by Asians, with 14.4 million. The minority population also includes 4.5 million American Indians and native Alaskans and 990,000 native Hawaiians and other Pacific islanders.

The U.S. minority population totaled 98 million, or nearly one-third of the total 296.4 million residents. The non- Hispanic white population that listed no other race totaled 198.4 million.

The latest numbers come from estimates of U.S. population for July 1, 2005, that were released yesterday. The report indicates Hispanics make up 14.4 percent of the total population. Blacks make up 13.4 percent, Asians 4.8 percent and non-Hispanic whites 66.9 percent.

The nation’s population grew by 2.8 million between July 1, 2004, and July 1, 2005, with Hispanics making up nearly half - 1.3 million people.

Data Source: Census Bureau

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