Sunday, July 30, 2006

Blackwell and Strickland in General Election for Governor of Ohio

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Blackwell and Strickland in General Election for Governor of Ohio

May 3rd, 2006

African-American Political Pundit Election 2006 Review says: Ohio- Kenneth Blackwell (R) and Democrat Ted Strickland (D) will battle in a November 2006 general election after both won in yesterday’s primary races for Governor. Blackwell, the secretary of state, and the first African-American gubernatorial nominee in the states history, held strong support with religious and social conservatives. Strickland, a Democratic congressman from southeastern Ohio campaigned hard in blue collar Ohio strongholds with a platform of working-class job creation. He will be the first Democrat in over 20 years to enter the general election as a clear favorite in public opinion polls. The Ohio and National Republican party are hoping Mr. Blackwell, who is African-American will attract African-American voters who traditionally back Democrats.

This Political Pundit does not believe Bush campaigning for Blackwell in Ohio, with $3-4.00 run-away gas prices, and job losses is going to get many African-American voters out to vote republican. Can pundits be wrong? Not in this case. Just look at bush poll numbers.

This Ohio election is one to watch, as democratic and republican officials have estimated both candidates may reach a combined spending of $50 million by the November election.

The election could have significant ramifications for the 2008 presidential race. Remember the presidential election of 2004?


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